My Journey

With a Masters of Science in Business Administration I started my career in marketing&sales in the FMCG business. During my first leadership position I discovered that I loved most working with people and supporting human growth. My interest in personal development had me take many different programs in a variety of countries, as we lived abroad as a family. It lead me to professional coaching in 2007 and ever since I have been a challenging reflection partner for many people and relationships, holding you accountable for living your dreams. After more than 15 years of coaching and personal and professional development I offer you an integrated and lived experience.

My specialty is to work on good relationships in work and personal lives. This has its starting point that everyone can be a leader through taking responsibility. It is my aspiration to do rich and meaningful work that improves the quality of lives.

My Ambition

My Style

As a professional coach I offer a safe, encouraging environment in which I support individuals and teams through courageous self-reflection towards personal and relationship growth. My no-nonsense approach sometimes involves naming ‘the elephant in the room’.

My approach is based on three fundamental pillars: individual coaching, relationship development and mental health.

Personal Leadership
Co-active coaching empowers clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole; capable of finding answers to their own challenges. From here people take responsibility for what is needed in their life.

Relationship work
Working with the ORSC model, you will learn to use authentic communication to build trust and create a safe environment in which team members can take risks and make mistakes. This fosters better cooperation and results.

Using the Art of Living philosophy, you learn how to take better care of your body and mind; it helps to silence inner chatter and foster greater mental clarity and agility.

My Education

My Education

• Professional coach accredited by ICF since 2008
• Co-Active Coach certified by the Coaches Training Institute
• Trained to help people discover and develop their natural leadership strengths
• Certified in organization and relationship systems coaching by CRR Global
• Masters in Business Administration
• Trained in constellation work which reveals how events in a team impact on behaviour
• Trained in intuition development
• Have worked in marketing, sales and promotion of fast-moving consumer goods in an international business environment
• Have taken various management training courses

Active accreditations
• Team Diagnostics Assessment
• Leadership Circle Profile 360 leadership assessment
• Meyers Briggs Type Indicator